Ty Myrddin

The House of Merlin is a space where people come together to gain new knowledge and wisdom, and have a good laugh.

Unseen university

Unseen University Library

A medley of security related research, attack trees, threat modelling, and python scripts for ethical hacking and mitigations in non-existent classes of the The Unseen University on Discworld, hosted on Github.

Try Hack Me

Ankh Morpork

Hacking challenges. Learning content. Network simulations. Intentionally vulnerable technology. Real world examples. New vulnerabilities. New targets. Role-playing the bad girl in Try Hack Me lab settings.

Wyrd sisters

Wyrd sisters

A collection of snippets, application boilerplates, pipelines, testing frameworks and tools for getting started in development projects by the Wyrd Sisters on BitBucket. Fine practice targets too.



A selection of data related learning, including data collection, analysis, wrangling, visualisation, machine learning, deep learning and data science in Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, on Gitlab.